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Konami 80's AC Special (known in Japan as Konami 80's Arcade Gallery (コナミエイティーズアーケードギャラリー, Konami Eitizu Ākēdo Gyararī) is a compilation of arcade video games, originally released in arcades in 1998. It was later ported to the PlayStation in 1999, where it was renamed to Konami Arcade Classics for its North American release. It was supposed to be released in September 1999, before the game was delayed to its release date of December 9, 1999. Unlike most of Konami's PlayStation games, the PlayStation version was not released in PAL regions.
While many compilations on home consoles predate Konami Arcade Classics, it is one of the earliest examples of an arcade reissue of classic games, being preceded only by the Namco Classics Collection series. It is also, to date, one of only two arcade compilations with both a coin-op and consumer release (the other being Space Invaders Anniversary, which was only released in Japan and Europe).

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  1. Pete


    Xybots sounds like a low budget ripoff off of the Autobots. Do any of you remember playing this 80s video game on arcade?
  2. Pete


    Remember playing APB on the arcade back in the 80s? I don't lol.
  3. Pete

    A Question of Sport

    Who remembers this 80s video game? It was released for Amiga, arcade and the commodore 64.
  4. Pete


    Do any of you remember this one?
  5. Pete

    Heavy Metal

    Do any of you remember playing Heavy Metal on arcade?
  6. Pete


    I don't remember Mikie. Do any of you?
  7. Pete

    Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja

    Who remembers playing this one on arcade? I never heard of it.
  8. Pete

    Magic Johnson's Fast Break

    Do you guys remember this Magic Johnson basketball arcade game?
  9. Pete

    M.A.C.H. 3

    Who remembers the 80s arcade game M.A.C.H. 3?
  10. Pete

    Final Fight

    Who remembers the arcade Final Fight? I remember it vaguely.
  11. Pete

    Ms. Pac-Man: The Arcade Legend of '82

    On this day February 3, 1982, they dropped Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade Game) in the USA. It's still hailed as the ultimate arcade classic!
  12. Pete


    Any of you ever play the 80s video game Badlands on arcade?
  13. Pete

    1982: CBS News Spotlights Arcade Game Craze

    On this day January 29, 1982, CBS Evening News ran a segment highlighting the emerging phenomenon of arcade games and their growing popularity, showcasing how they were becoming a new and captivating addiction for Americans across the country. It's interesting to see how these games were making...
  14. Pete

    The Pit

    How many of you played the 80s arcade game The Pit?
  15. Pete

    Agent X

    How many of you played the 80s arcade game Agent X? I don't remember it.
  16. Pete

    Avenger (Commodore)

    Do any of you remember playing Avenger?
  17. Pete

    Astro Chase (Max-A-Flex)

    Do any of you remember playing Astro Chase (Max-A-Flex) on arcade? It was released on ther platforms too.
  18. Pete

    Atomic Robo-Kid

    Do any of you remember Atomic Robo-Kid?
  19. Pete


    How many of you remember playing Athena on arcade? I know I don't.
  20. Pete

    Space Ace

    I never heard of the arcade game Space Ace. Have you?