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Mr. Eighties
Apr 29, 2023
383 welcomes all who are fans of the eighties decade. If you join our community I expect you to have nothing but non stop fun with us because that’s what the eighties decade was all about. It was a decade of nonstop fun. With that being said I created a set of rules and guidelines that we all need to follow in order to make a friendly environment for everyone. Those damn rules I know but without them theres chaos so here we go.

Please make sure to read the rules and please note that we may update the rules at any given moment.

Use of the Service
constitutes acceptance of these Forum Rules. If you wish to close your account, please contact us at Upon reading the rules and before you make your first post please that we will not delete any content you share on Also note if you request to have your account deleted we will only delete your personal information which includes your ip address and email. Your username will be renamed and your content will not be deleted.

User accounts: Only one account per member. If we find you creating more, then the duplicate account will be banned and possibly the primary one, too. If you think that you have a good reason to have a second account, please create thread request in our help section, but there’s no guarantee that your request will be granted. Note that you must have a strongly compelling case for this, so no frivolous requests please. Do not try to impersonate or spoof someone else. You will be banned from our community.

Choose an appropriate account name. Offensive, racist, sexual or otherwise inappropriate names will be deleted. Swear words in usernames, in any language, are not allowed either. Don’t use accented characters in your username.

Username changes are allowed only when you have been a member of We Love the Eighties for over 90 days. One change request per 365 days.

Thread rules: The rules below apply to all sections of the forum

Replying To A Thread: There is zero tolerance for the following. The promotion of terrorism, sexual abuse, threats against other members, publication of another member’s personal details like real name, house address, phone number, or any criminal act / general criminality etc. Doing so is a fast way to a ban, no matter who you are, your rank, or how much you’ve contributed, or for how long. If you think something might be on the edge, ask an administrator by private message before posting it.

This site is based in the USA and hence is an English language website, so please speak English only. If you must quote something in another language, then post it along with a translation and state which language the original is in. Include a link if you’re quoting from a foreign language website. Failure to do so will get your post deleted and / or thread locked
No spammers. Anyone trying this on will be summarily permabanned and their posts deleted

Writing quality and walls of text. You can write as much as you like within reason (posts can be a few thousand characters long) but please try to split it up into paragraphs, bullet points etc and try to use reasonably good quality English, decent spelling and grammar in particular.

Nobody likes to read through a wall of badly written text, shouldn’t be expected to and it’s quite rude and disrespectful to expect them to. Gross examples of this may attract moderator action, so please take care

ALL CAPS. DON’T DO IT! IT’S CONSIDERED SHOUTING. SEE HOW ANNOYING IT IS? There’s no excuse for it and is an offense with a potential ban if repeated. The odd line or paragraph in a post can be written in all caps for emphasis but try to minimize its use. Highlighting in blue and perhaps with bold is generally a better way to emphasize some text. Use the quote feature if appropriate – it really makes quoted text stand out and looks great.

No thread bombing. Intentionally derailing a thread to make it crash and burn is considered a serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly.

No trolling as in deliberately being provocative and argumentative just to get under the skin of other members to wind them up / get a rise out of them for your own amusement. We’re very good at detecting this no matter how subtle you think you are, and you will be warned, possibly banned for repeat offenses. See below, Behavior that is Inappropriate / Should be Reported, for the definition of trolling.

We won’t tolerate bullying or other malicious behavior such as toxic posts. Note that while we expect everyone to follow the rules, the perpetrator will be dealt with more harshly than their victim who may have retaliated strongly in the face of significant abuse and strayed a bit. Carrying on with such behavior is a great way to a ban. Be nice!

Do not post links to pirate software, movies, music etc. They will be deleted, and repeated attempts are likely to attract moderator sanctions. If you’re not sure and feel that you must ask a moderator, then perhaps you shouldn’t post it. Still, it’s ok to ask: we believe in the motto of measuring twice and cutting once.

Swearing / expletives / 4-letter words / bad language. while this is a family friendly forum, a small amount of swearing is acceptable, but no gratuitous use.
Example of acceptable: venting significant frustration at something, eg failure to fix a problem after spending many hours on it. Your swear words will not be censored by us, but you may prefer to put an asterisk instead of one of the letters for some light self censorship to reduce the visual impact of the words. Since the full word will show, please don’t abuse this privilege. Mods will step in where necessary.

Example of unacceptable: liberally sprinkling swear words in regular conversation out of habit like some people do in face-to-face conversation. It might be ok there, but not here. Note that this is a classic grey area, so even if you think you’re in the acceptable zone, a moderator may still delete / asterisk the naughty words and ask you to refrain from continuing. Remember that most people don’t like this sort of language

Don’t ever use swear words to attack someone no matter how much they annoy you or contempt you have for them, eg “you f*cking loser”. Your comment will be deleted / censored and sanctions applied
Old / necro threads typically have had no new posts for a year or more. Feel free to post in these threads if you feel it’s appropriate, but it must be on topic, or at least reasonably related to it. Don’t just bump it for the sake of it. Note that it’s ok to bump an old help thread where you feel that the information in the first post is of significant value and you want to remind the community of it.
Drifting off topic. It’s a fact of life that the longer a thread goes on for, the more it will tend to drift away from the original post. This is just like real life face to face conversation. We want the conversation to keep flowing so will try not to be too strict about staying on topic, but posts should try to have some bearing to the thread topic, however tenuous. Moderators still have the discretion to ask people to stay on topic and / or edit user’s posts if necessary.

Don’t hijack someone’s thread for yourself, instead, start your own thread. After all, it’s not like we can ever be out of stock of new threads. Feel free to link back to the existing thread if you think it’s relevant though.

Multiple posts. These are a continuous sequence of posts in a thread by the same member. We will tolerate them to a degree, perhaps two or three occasionally, but don’t go mad with them, especially so if you think of something to add within a few minutes of posting. Just edit your post rather than create a new one immediately after it.

Offensive content. You may post about subjects which some sections of society may find offensive eg racism and slavery, but no promotion of such things. They must exist as purely a conversation point about something in the news maybe, or to educate about attitudes of the past etc. Do not try to deliberately offend people under the guise of “education” or some such. It will be noticed, your thread shut down and possible sanctions applied to you. If you think something is a bit close to the edge, then private message a staff member about it first and only post it if they approve. This kind of conversation can only be posted in General Discussion.

Starting A Thread

Rules are as per the Thread Rules above, with the following additions:

The topic title should be relevant to the thread subject and should be clear as to what it’s about. No clickbaity titles like “click here to see what happened when I did this!!!” No stupid, meaningless titles like “hard drive”, “internet”, “HALP!” etc

A forum like this doesn’t operate in real time, so don’t expect an answer right away. Give it several hours for the replies to come in and at least a day if no one has replied yet.

Don’t start a second thread on the same topic. That’s just spamming, and it will be shut down as a duplicate, or merged with the original one, as appropriate.

Your thread must contain some meaningful text. Don’t just post a picture or a meme. Say something relevant about it, even if it’s only a few words. Failure to do so could get your thread closed or deleted.
No post and run, ie thread starter post is your only one. Some people think it’s funny to post something controversial / annoying that will get a rise out of the community and then just sit back with their proverbial popcorn and watch the carnage unfold. Take part in the thread. Failure to do so is likely to get the thread shut down and a possible sanction applied to you, especially if moderator advice to take part in the thread is ignored.


These are a great way to uniquely brand yourself in our community and is often a fun thing to do. However, there are a few rules to keep things nice.
No animated avatars as they can be annoying for some members.

No sexually explicit avatars, eg no pornographic ones. They may be of an attractive woman or man though, perhaps an actor / actress that you like or an anime cartoon character whom you think is cool etc. If in any doubt, please run your intended avatar past a moderator first in a private message.
Breaking any of these rules will get your avatar deleted and you will be asked to refrain from doing it again.

Management reserves the right to delete any avatar even if you think it fits within the rules. You will, however, be given a reason for this action which you may appeal.

Note that if your avatar is deleted by Management, it cannot be restored afterwards, therefore, always keep a copy of the original file on your computer, should you subsequently be allowed to use it after a successful appeal, or want to use it on another site.


Like avatars, these are a great way to uniquely brand yourself in our community and is often a fun thing to do. However, there are a few rules to keep things nice.

No animated graphics as they can be annoying for some members.
No sexually explicit signatures, eg no pornographic ones. They may be of an attractive woman or man though, perhaps an actor / actress that you like or an anime cartoon character whom you think is cool etc. If in any doubt, please run your intended signature past a moderator first in a private message. Maximum picture dimensions are 128 pixels tall by 512 pixels wide.

You may link to your own website or that of someone else's as long as it’s not of a commercial nature, eg an enthusiast website / forum that’s not selling anything, or a blog etc and doesn’t compete with

Note that linking to a shell site that then links to a commercial site is not allowed either. You may also link to one or more bona fide registered charity sites, and this is encouraged.

Your signature must not be more than two lines deep and the text must be a maximum size of BB code 18 in your profile’s signature editor. No images are allowed in signatures.

Breaking any of these rules will get some or all of your signature deleted, and you will be asked to refrain from doing it again.

Account deletion

You may request to have your account deleted by emailing us at [email protected]. Please note your personal information and details will be deleted. Your username will be renamed and your content such as posts and threads will not be deleted. If you continue to use this forum you agree. staff reserves the right to delete / edit any signature even if you think it fits within the rules. You will, however, be given a reason for this action which you may appeal. Note that it’s not possible to restore an edited or deleted signature, so perhaps keep a copy on your computer if it’s important to you.
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