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Konami 80's AC Special (known in Japan as Konami 80's Arcade Gallery (コナミエイティーズアーケードギャラリー, Konami Eitizu Ākēdo Gyararī) is a compilation of arcade video games, originally released in arcades in 1998. It was later ported to the PlayStation in 1999, where it was renamed to Konami Arcade Classics for its North American release. It was supposed to be released in September 1999, before the game was delayed to its release date of December 9, 1999. Unlike most of Konami's PlayStation games, the PlayStation version was not released in PAL regions.
While many compilations on home consoles predate Konami Arcade Classics, it is one of the earliest examples of an arcade reissue of classic games, being preceded only by the Namco Classics Collection series. It is also, to date, one of only two arcade compilations with both a coin-op and consumer release (the other being Space Invaders Anniversary, which was only released in Japan and Europe).

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  1. Pete


    How many of you remember playing Athena on arcade? I know I don't.
  2. Pete

    Space Ace

    I never heard of the arcade game Space Ace. Have you?
  3. Pete

    Space Panic

    Space Panic seems familiar but I'm not 100% that I played it. Do any of you remember it?
  4. Pete

    Burger Time

    A video game where you're a chef and have to walk over hamburger ingredients. Very interesting indeed. This video game defines the early 80s for sure lol.
  5. Pete


    Have any of you played H.E.R.O.? I don't remember it. It was released for quite a few gaming systems during the early 80s like Atari, Colecovision, arcade and more.
  6. Pete

    Omega Race

    How many of you remember Omega Race? It was released by Midway for Colecovisio, Atari 2600, Arcade and a couple of others.
  7. Pete

    Cosmic Avenger

    Cosmic Avenger definitely sounds familiar. Do any of you know it? This is the arcade version but it was also released for Colecovision.
  8. Pete

    Black Widow

    Do any of you remember the Black Widow video game? It was created by Atari.
  9. Pete


    I don’t think I ever played this. How about you?
  10. Pete

    Bull Fight

    This one sounds like it was a fun game. I don’t remember it. I wonder if the matador is screaming toro! Toro! during game play lol.
  11. Pete

    Sega Ninja

    Anyone ever play Sega Ninja also known as Ninja Princess?
  12. Pete

    Block Gal

    Any of you played this one? I don’t remember it at all.
  13. Pete

    Crack Down

    The description for Crack Down makes it sound so good. Do any of you remember this one?
  14. Pete

    Fantasy Zone

    This game sounds like you have to be high to enjoy it lol. Have any of you ever played Fantasy Zone back in the day?
  15. Pete

    Teddy Boy Blues

    I think Teddy Boy Blues was only released in Japan. It’s a Sega arcade game so I could be wrong.
  16. Pete


    Do any of you remember this one? The name of the game sounds like a soft fart. Appoooh…. It was only released in Japan.
  17. Pete

    Space Harrier

    I think I remember Space Harrier. It looks real familiar. Do any of you remember it?
  18. Pete


    Anyone ever play Carniva? This is the arcade version which was released in 1980.
  19. Pete


    I don’t remember Choplifter do you? I can’t believe that there were so many video games made during the 80s. The list keeps going and going.
  20. Pete

    Congo Bongo

    I remember this game. I’m not sure if I had for my Colecovision or if I played it on arcade. Do any of you remember this one?