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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (titled Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s in Europe) is a music rhythm game and the third installment in the popular Guitar Hero series. It was released in July 2007 in North America and Europe, and in August 2007 in Australia.
Players use a guitar-shaped controller (purchased separately) to simulate playing rock music by hitting notes as they scroll towards the player. Rocks the 80s is an incremental title in the Guitar Hero series, rather than a full sequel. No changes in gameplay from Guitar Hero II have been introduced to this game. As implied by the game's title, the game features a 1980s theme, consisting of songs from the decade and playable characters, fashions, and artwork that reflect the time period.
The game was not as well-received as the prior two Guitar Hero games, due to the lack of new gameplay features and reduced soundtrack. Rocks the 80s is the third and final title in the Guitar Hero series to be developed by Harmonix before they moved on to create Rock Band. The next major installment of the series, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, was developed by Activision's Neversoft division.

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  1. Pete

    Wrath of Denethenor

    Who's heard of this one? Wrath of Denethor lol. That's some title. What's a Denethor? Gotta love the 80s.
  2. Pete

    The Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires

    Do any of you remember playing this for the commodore 64? I can't believe the amount of video games that were made for the commodore. It seems like a never ending list.
  3. Pete

    Final Blow

    Do any of you remember playing this one at the arcade? I do.
  4. Pete


    Automania sounds like it was fun to play. Do any of you remember it?
  5. Pete

    NATO Commander

    How many of you remember playing NATO Commander?
  6. Pete

    O'Riley's Mine

    O'Riley's Mine seems like it was a fun a video game. Do any of you remember it?
  7. Pete

    Danger Ranger

    Do any of you remember this video game?
  8. Pete

    April 21, 1989: The Game Boy Launches in Japan

    On this day April 21 1989, the Game Boy made its debut in Japan before its release in the United States in July.
  9. Pete

    The Release of Nintendo's Duck Hunt was Today April 21, 1984

    On this day April 21 1984, Nintendo released Duck Hunt in Japan. It was later released in North America on October 18, 1985.
  10. Pete

    Sabre Wulf

    Who remember this 80s video game? I never heard of it.
  11. Pete


    Do any of you remember this 80s video game?
  12. Pete

    On This Day April 19 1982, "Dig Dug" Arcade Game Was Released in Japan

    On April 19 1982, the arcade classic Dig Dug made its debut in Japan. Developed by Namco in 1981 and released in 1982, this maze arcade video game was distributed in North America by Atari, Inc.
  13. Pete


    Xybots sounds like a low budget ripoff off of the Autobots. Do any of you remember playing this 80s video game on arcade?
  14. Pete


    This one seems like it was fun. Do any of you remember this video game?
  15. Pete

    Mugsy's Revenge

    Who remembers playing this one on the commodore 64?
  16. Pete

    Mr. Heli

    Do any of you remember this 80s video game Mr. Heli?
  17. Pete


    Remember playing APB on the arcade back in the 80s? I don't lol.
  18. Pete


    Do any of you remember this 80s video game?
  19. Pete

    A Question of Sport

    Who remembers this 80s video game? It was released for Amiga, arcade and the commodore 64.
  20. Pete


    How many of you remember this 80s video game?