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  1. A Peaceable Kingdom (1989)

    Title: A Peaceable Kingdom Genre: Drama Cast: Lindsay Wagner,Michael Manasseri,Conchata Ferrell,David Ackroyd,Tom Wopat,David Renan First aired: Sep 19, 1989 Last air date: Nov 14, 1989 Overview: A Peaceable Kingdom is an American television drama series that aired in 1989. The...
  2. Pete

    Welcome back to TV Tuesday for the week of February 20 2024

    Hey everyone, it's TV Tuesday on our forum, and this week we're celebrating the beloved show "Diff'rent Strokes"! Technically released in '78, but in my opinion, it's still the epitome of an '80s show! From "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" to Mr. Drummond's wise lessons, let's reminisce about...
  3. The Ellen Burstyn Show (1986)

    Title: The Ellen Burstyn Show Creator: David Frankel Cast: Ellen Burstyn,Megan Mullally,Jesse R. Tendler,Barry Sobel,Elaine Stritch First aired: Sep 19, 1986 Last air date: Sep 4, 1987 Overview: The Ellen Burstyn Show is an American sitcom starring Ellen Burstyn. The series was...
  4. Pete

    Flashback: Andy Kaufman's Infamous Brawl on Friday Night's Sketch, February 20, 1981

    On this day February 20, 1981, Andy Kaufman sparked a brawl during an episode of Friday Night's Sketch on ABC, triggered when Michael Richards (Kramer) accidentally dropped the cue cards on his table, infuriating Kaufman.
  5. Me and Maxx (1980)

    Title: Me and Maxx Genre: Comedy Cast: Joe Santos,Jenny Sullivan,Melissa Michaelsen First aired: Mar 21, 1980 Last air date: Aug 15, 1980 Overview: Me and Maxx is an American sitcom broadcast on NBC starting in 1980. The plot involved a young girl, Maxx, moving in with her dad...
  6. Laverne & Shirley in the Army (1981)

    Title: Laverne & Shirley in the Army Genre: Animation First aired: Oct 9, 1981 Last air date: Nov 12, 1982 Overview: Laverne & Shirley in the Army is a 1981 Hanna-Barbera cartoon series based on the TV show Laverne & Shirley, with the title characters voiced by Penny Marshall and...
  7. Day by Day (1988)

    Title: Day by Day Genre: Comedy Creator: Andy Borowitz,Gary David Goldberg Cast: Linda Kelsey,Doug Sheehan,Christopher Daniel Barnes,Courtney Thorne-Smith,Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Thora Birch,Christopher Finefrock First aired: Feb 28, 1988 Last air date: Jun 3, 1989 Overview: Day by...
  8. Pete

    Debut of Fortune Dane Today on ABC

    On this day February 15, 1986, ABC premiered "Fortune Dane." The show ran for one season with a total of five episodes. Starring Carl Weathers, it marked a notable entry into television programming.
  9. Fortune Dane (1986)

    Title: Fortune Dane Genre: Drama Cast: Carl Weathers First aired: Feb 14, 1986 Last air date: Mar 21, 1986 Overview: Fortune Dane is an 1986 television series starring Carl Weathers as the title character. The series aired on ABC.
  10. Attitudes (1985)

    Title: Attitudes Overview: Attitudes is an American television talk show on Lifetime Television that aired from 1985 to 1991. Hosted originally by Linda Dano and Nancy Glass, it was taped before a live studio audience at EUE Screen Gems Studios, 222 East 44th Street in New York City. Glass...
  11. Pete

    Welcome back to TV Tuesday for the week of February 13 2024

    Welcome back to TV Tuesday! This week will honor TV Tuesday with the 80s TV show Family Ties! I used to watch this show religiously when I was a kid. Family Ties is a beloved 80s sitcom that follows the lives of the Keaton family, featuring parents Steven and Elyse, and their children Alex...
  12. Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince (1983)

    Title: Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Kids Creator: Joe Camp Cast: Benjean,Chris Burton,Ric Spiegel,Ken Miller,Angie Bolling,Joe Rainer,Anna Holbrook,Dallas Miles First aired: Sep 16, 1983 Last air date: Dec 16, 1983 Overview: Benji, Zax & the Alien...
  13. Fast Times (1986)

    Title: Fast Times Genre: Comedy Creator: Allen Rucker Cast: Ray Walston,Vincent Schiavelli,Kit McDonough,Patrick Dempsey,Dean Cameron,Courtney Thorne-Smith,Claudia Wells,Wallace Langham,Bill Calvert,James Nardini First aired: Mar 4, 1986 Last air date: Apr 22, 1986 Overview...
  14. Pete

    Boy George's A-Team Debut: The 'Cowboy George' Episode

    On this day February 11, 1986, an episode of the A-Team titled "Cowboy George" featured a guest appearance by Boy George. This memorable moment occurred during Season 4, Episode 16 of the popular TV series.
  15. Pete

    Amanda's Debut: Bea Arthur's Short-Lived Show

    On this day February 10, 1983, ABC premiered "Amanda's," a show headlined by Bea Arthur, with one season consisting of 10 episodes. It's disappointing and somewhat unexpected that it only lasted for a single season, especially with Bea Arthur in the lead role.
  16. Amanda's (1983)

    Title: Amanda's Genre: Comedy Cast: Bea Arthur,Fred McCarren,Simone Griffeth,Rick Hurst,Tony Rosato,Keene Curtis,Kevin McCarthy First aired: Feb 9, 1983 Last air date: May 25, 1983 Overview: Amanda's is an American sitcom inspired by the 1970s British sitcom Fawlty Towers...
  17. Bordertown (1989)

    Title: Bordertown Genre: Western,Drama Creator: Robert Lantos Cast: Sophie Barjac,John H. Brennan,Richard Comar First aired: Jan 6, 1989 Last air date: Mar 16, 1991 Overview: Bordertown is a television western-drama series that aired from 1989 to 1991. It depicts the town...
  18. Report to Murphy (1982)

    Title: Report to Murphy Genre: Comedy Creator: Donald Reiker,Patricia Jones Cast: Michael Keaton,Donnelly Rhodes,Olivia Cole,Ken Foree First aired: Apr 4, 1982 Last air date: May 30, 1982 Overview: Report to Murphy is an American situation comedy television series starring...
  19. Pete

    The Dukes of Hazzard" Wraps Up with "Opening Night at the Boar's Nest

    On this day February 8, 1985, "The Dukes of Hazzard" concluded its seven-season run with the airing of the final episode, Season 7 Episode 17 titled "Opening Night at the Boar's Nest." The series spanned a total of 147 episodes.
  20. Best of the West (1981)

    Title: Best of the West Genre: Comedy,Western Cast: Joel Higgins,Carlene Watkins,Meeno Peluce,Valri Bromfield,Tracey Walter,Tom Ewell,Leonard Frey,Christopher Lloyd First aired: Sep 9, 1981 Last air date: Jun 20, 1982 Overview: The Wild West misadventures of a mild-mannered store...