Parting Glances (1986)


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Title: Parting Glances

Genre: Comedy,Drama

Director: Bill Sherwood

Cast: Richard Ganoung,John Bolger,Steve Buscemi,Adam Nathan,Kathy Kinney,Patrick Tull,Yolande Bavan,Andre Morgan,Richard Wall,Bob Koherr,Jim Selfe,Kristin Moneagle,John Siemens,Theodore Ganger,Nada,Patrick Ragland,Cam Brainard,Daniel Haughey,Sylwia Hartowicz,Hanna Hartowicz,Nicholas Hill,Lee Greenstein,Jordan McLean,Lori Romero,Elaine Swayneson,Markus Lawson,David Lines,Gardiner Kendall,Victor Rivers,Michael Medeiros,Eric Miller,Al Hughes

Release: 1986-02-19

Runtime: 90

Plot: Michael and Robert, two gay men living in Brooklyn, spend their last day together before Robert leaves for Africa on work assignment. Michael still has feelings for his friend Nick, who has AIDS.

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