Diff'rent Strokes (1978)


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Genre: Comedy,Family,Drama

Director: Bernie Kukoff,Jeff Harris

Cast: Conrad Bain,Gary Coleman,Todd Bridges,Danny Cooksey,Mary Jo Catlett,Mary Ann Mobley

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The series stars Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges as Arnold and Willis Jackson, two African American boys from Harlem who are taken in by a rich white Park Avenue businessman named Phillip Drummond and his daughter Kimberly, for whom their deceased mother previously worked. During the first season and first half of the second season, Charlotte Rae also starred as the Drummonds' housekeeper, Mrs. Garrett.
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I bet as soon as you saw Different Strokes in the thread title the first thought that came to mind was “ Now the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum…”. Growing up this was one of my favorite tv shows. It’s good to know that whenever I get the itch to watch it I can.

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