American Pop (1981)


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Title: American Pop

Genre: Animation,Music,Drama,History

Director: Ralph Bakshi

Cast: Ron Thompson,Lisa Jane Persky,Jeffrey Lippa,Frank De Kova,Roz Kelly,Mews Small,Elsa Raven,Vincent Schiavelli,Richard Moll,Lynda Wiesmeier,Lee Ving,Jerry Holland,Gene Borkan,Rick Singer,Ben Frommer,Amy Levitt,Leonard Stone,Eric Taslitz,Beatrice Colen,Hilary Beane,Phillip Simms,Marcello Krakoff,Ken Johnson,Barney Pell,Robert Strom,Gene Woodbury,Mark Levine,Ty Grimes,Peter Glindeman,Auburn Burrell,Aleshia Brevard,Elya Baskin,M.B. West,Joey Camen,Umberto Autore Jr.,Tony Autore,Johnny Brogna,Dawn Agrella,Cari Anne Warder,Don Carlson,Vance Colvig,Robert Beecher,Tony Fasce,Frank Ciaravino,Gene Krischer,D.A. Young,Spit Stix,Derf Scratch,Philo Cramer,Chester Hayes,Chuck Mitchell,Ralph Bakshi,Helen Morgan

Release: 1981-02-13

Runtime: 96

Plot: The history of American popular music runs parallel with the history of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, with each male descendant possessing different musical abilities.

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Do any of you remember the 80s movie American Pop? I never heard of it.