Scream Bloody Gore (1987)


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Title: Scream Bloody Gore
Artist: Death
Genre: Death Metal
Released: 1987

1 - Infernal Death - 2:52
2 - Zombie Ritual - 4:32
3 - Denial of Life - 3:33
4 - Sacrificial - 3:40
5 - Mutilation - 3:26
6 - Regurgitated Guts - 3:43
7 - Baptized in Blood - 4:28
8 - Torn to Pieces - 3:35
9 - Evil Dead - 2:58
10 - Scream Bloody Gore - 4:31
11 - Beyond the Unholy Grave - 3:04
12 - Land of No Return - 3:00
13 - Denial of Life - 3:45

Scream Bloody Gore is the debut album by American band Death, released in 1987 and considered “the first true death metal record”. Chuck Schuldiner plays bass, wrote all the songs on the album and provides vocals in addition to guitar for the album. John Hand is noted on the cover as playing rhythm guitar, though this was incorrect and Hand was only in the band for a short period and was not on the recording. This is also the only Death album to feature drummer Chris Reifert, who had joined for the Mutilation demo.
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Scream Bloody Gore was Death’s debut album and it was a good one. I was a fan of the band Death back in the days. It’s a shame that Chuck Schuldiner the lead singer passed.