Beverly Hills Cop (1984)


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Title: Beverly Hills Cop

Genre: Action,Comedy,Crime

Director: Martin Brest

Cast: Eddie Murphy,Judge Reinhold,John Ashton,Lisa Eilbacher,Ronny Cox,Steven Berkoff,James Russo,Jonathan Banks,Stephen Elliott,Gilbert R. Hill,Art Kimbro,Joel Bailey,Bronson Pinchot,Paul Reiser,Michael Champion,Frank Pesce,Gene Borkan,Michael Gregory,Alice Cadogan,Philip Levien,Karen Mayo-Chandler,Gerald Berns,William Wallace,Israel Juarbe,Randy Vasquez,Damon Wayans,Chuck Adamson,Chip Heller,Rick Overton,Rex Ryon,Mike Pniewski,Douglas Warhit,Paul Drake,Tom Everett,Sally Kishbaugh,Barry Shade,Jack Heller,Michael Harrington,David Wells,Scott Murphy,Dennis Madden,John Achorn,John Pettis,Nicholas Shields,Carl Weintraub,Anthony De Fonte,Darwyn Carson,Mark E. Corry,Thomas J. Hageboeck,David Patrick Kelly,Donald Chaffin,Martin Brest,Danny Nero,Nico Stevens,Freeman Love,Dan Cotter,Bob Davis,Peter Eastman,Farrell Mayer,Walter Spear,Earl Jolly Brown,Paul LeClair

Release: 1984-12-05

Runtime: 105

Plot: Fast-talking, quick-thinking Detroit street cop Axel Foley has bent more than a few rules and regs in his time, but when his best friend is murdered, he heads to sunny Beverly Hills to work the case like only he can.

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Beverly Hills Cop is a great movie. Eddie Murphy did a great performance on his movie debut. For nearly two decades, Beverly Hills Cop would hold the record for having the highest domestic gross for an R-rated film until 2003 when it was taken by The Matrix Reloaded.
Good for a cop movie because of Eddie Murphy hahaha gave it a 3 and yeah the song is a highlight for sure...