A Look Back at 80s Fashion Trends: Neon, Legwarmers, and Shoulder Pads


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What a great article. The 80s definitely had some real real strange and interesting fashion. Everything seemed to go when it came to fashion back then.
I wore neon colored shoulder pads hehe. We all did at some point. They were in during the eighties. The eighties were definitely a decade of fashion. Every two years fashion was changing. It was such a creative decade. some of the fashion from back then is in style today.
Here’s a question. Would both you women wear neon colored shoulder padded shirts today? I’m pretty sure Mrs. Eighties would. 💁🏻‍♂️
I’m betting that mrs. eighties wore neon colored shoulder pads too. At least 80s diva admitted it. :ROFLMAO:
If you grew up during the eighties and dressed with the time then you wore shoulder pads. Maybe not neon but you wore shoulder pads.
They looked awful. I keep thinking of Dorothy form the golden girls with those huge shoulder pads.
Shoulder pads didn't go with Dorothy. She was too tall and long. They made her look like a knight.