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Optimus Prime in its original packaging can make an individual a lot of profit. I had many many transformers and I also had all the dinobots. I wish I still had all my toys. .
A long with many other 80’s toys. I didn’t have a lot of transformers. I had tons of He-Man and GiJoe characters. I also had tons of the little muscle men.

Who had all five lions and was able to complete Voltron? I think I was one or two shy. I can’t quite remember.

Who had this from GIJOE the Cobra LA Team?



I had the GIJoe Cobra LA characters. is a fictional civilization created b Hasbro for the military-themed toy line and TV series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Introduced to the public in G.I. Joe: The Movie and the 1987 series of action figures, Cobra-La was created as a reference to James Hilton's Lost Horizon, and the name itself is likely a pun on Shangri-La. It was originally meant as a working name, but Hasbro liked the name so much that it remained.
How many of you had a life size doll of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial? I didn’t but I wish I had one.

E.T. Extra Terrestrial Toy
Did any of you own any Ghostbusters toys? I had Slimer and that’s it.

Alright everyone let’s see your Steve Urkel doll. Lol seriously though do any of you own or owned a Steve Urkel doll?

A 1988 Pee wee Herman figure with scooter. Did any of you have that?