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1984 (MCMLXXXIV) was a leap year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1984th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 984th year of the 2nd millennium, the 84th year of the 20th century, and the 5th year of the 1980s decade.

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  1. Pete

    The NeverEnding Story Premiered in Theaters Today July, 20, 1984

    On July 20, 1984, “The NeverEnding Story” premiered in theaters, enchanting audiences with its magical adventure. Starring Barret Oliver as Bastian and Noah Hathaway as Atreyu, the film quickly became a beloved classic, captivating viewers with its imaginative storyline and unforgettable characters.
  2. Pete

    Revenge of the Nerds Premiered on July 1984: A Landmark 80s Comedy*

    On this day in July 1984, *Revenge of the Nerds* premiered in theaters, marking a significant moment in 80s pop culture. Starring Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, and John Goodman, the film tells the story of a group of socially awkward college students who band together to fight...
  3. Pete

    The McDonald’s Massacre in San Ysidro - July 18, 1984

    On July 18, 1984, the McDonald’s massacre occurred in San Ysidro, California, resulting in the deaths of 21 people and injuries to 19 others. The shooter, James Oliver Huberty, carried out the attack with multiple firearms before being shot and killed by the police. This tragic event remains one...
  4. Pete

    Sade Releases Debut Album “Diamond Life” - July 16, 1984

    On July 16, 1984, Sade released her debut album, “Diamond Life,” featuring the hit single “Smooth Operator.” The album was a commercial success, selling over 10 million copies worldwide. “Diamond Life” introduced Sade’s smooth, sultry sound and established her as a significant figure in the...
  5. Pete

    Eddie Van Halen Joins The Jacksons for Iconic “Beat It” Solo on July 14, 1984

    On July 14, 1984, Eddie Van Halen made a memorable guest appearance at a Jacksons concert, performing the iconic guitar solo from Michael Jackson’s hit song “Beat It.” This collaboration highlighted Van Halen’s extraordinary guitar skills and added a thrilling element to the concert, delighting...
  6. Pete

    Premiered Today July 13, 1984: The Muppets Take Manhattan

    On July 13, 1984, “The Muppets Take Manhattan” hit theaters. Directed by Frank Oz and starring the beloved Muppets, this charming film follows Kermit and the gang as they attempt to take their musical to Broadway. With a budget of $8 million, the movie was a commercial success, grossing $25.5...
  7. Pete

    July 13, 1984: The Last Starfighter Premieres

    On July 13, 1984, “The Last Starfighter” premiered in theaters. This sci-fi adventure stars Lance Guest as Alex Rogan, a teenager living in a trailer park who discovers that his exceptional skills at a video game called “Starfighter” are actually part of a recruitment test for an intergalactic...
  8. Pete

    Ice Cream Castle by The Time was Released Today July, 9, 1984

    On July 9, 1984, Ice Cream Castle, the third album by The Time, made its mark on the Billboard charts, reaching #24. This album features the iconic tracks “Jungle Love” and “The Bird”, which gained further fame from their inclusion in the film Purple Rain. Known for their funky grooves and...
  9. Pete

    On This Day July 7, 1984: “When Doves Cry” by Prince Tops the Charts

    On this day, July 7, 1984, “When Doves Cry” by Prince became the #1 song in America. The hit single held the top spot from July 7 to August 10. It also achieved #1 status in Canada and Australia, solidifying Prince’s international success and cultural impact.
  10. Pete

    New Edition Releases Their Second Album On This Day July, 6, 1984

    On July 6, 1984, New Edition released their self-titled second album, which marked a pivotal moment in their career. The album quickly rose to #6 on the Billboard 200 and claimed the #1 spot on the R&B charts. Internationally, it topped the charts in Ireland and sold over 2 million copies in the...
  11. Pete

    July 3, 1984: Lindsey Buckingham Releases “Go Insane”

    On July 3, 1984, Lindsey Buckingham, renowned guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, released his second solo album, “Go Insane.” The album showcased Buckingham’s distinctive style and creativity, reaching #45 on the Billboard charts. “Go Insane” further established his reputation as a talented solo...
  12. Pete

    July 1, 1984: PG-13 Rating Introduced by the MPAA

    On July 1, 1984, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) introduced the PG-13 rating. This new rating was created to indicate that some material might be inappropriate for children under 13. The first film to receive the PG-13 rating was “Red Dawn,” which set a precedent for the...
  13. Pete

    Today June 29, 1984: “Conan the Destroyer” Premieres in Theaters

    On June 29, 1984, the fantasy adventure film “Conan the Destroyer” premiered in theaters. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the titular role, the movie follows Conan on a perilous quest filled with magic, battles, and mythical creatures. The film, a sequel to “Conan the Barbarian,” solidified...
  14. Pete

    June 29, 1984: “Bachelor Party” Premieres in Theaters

    On June 29, 1984, the comedy film “Bachelor Party” premiered in theaters. Starring Tom Hanks in one of his early leading roles, the movie follows the wild and chaotic events leading up to a bachelor party thrown by his friends. “Bachelor Party” quickly became a hit, showcasing Hanks’ comedic...
  15. Pete

    1984 Miami Vice Folder

    You knew you were cool when you walked into class with your new 1984 Miami Vice folder. Were you cool in 1984? Did you own one? 😂
  16. Pete

    Today June 25, 1984: Prince Releases Purple Rain

    On June 25, 1984, Prince released his groundbreaking sixth album, “Purple Rain.” The album quickly soared to the top of the charts, hitting #1 on the US Billboard 200. Its success wasn’t confined to the United States; “Purple Rain” also reached #1 in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, and...
  17. Pete

    June 23, 1984: “The Reflex” by Duran Duran Tops the Charts

    On June 23, 1984, Duran Duran’s hit single “The Reflex” ascended to the #1 spot on the American charts. The song maintained its position as the #1 song in America from June 23 to July 6. Its infectious rhythm and catchy chorus also propelled it to the top of the charts in the UK, Belgium, the...
  18. Pete

    June 22, 1984: “The Karate Kid” Premieres

    On June 22, 1984, the beloved film “The Karate Kid” premiered, directed by John G. Avildsen. The movie starred Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita as Mr. Miyagi, Elisabeth Shue as Ali Mills, Martin Kove as John Kreese, William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, and Randee Heller as...
  19. Pete

    June 18, 1984 - Elton John Released “Breaking Hearts”

    On this day, June 18, 1984, Elton John released his 18th album, “Breaking Hearts.” The album reached number 20 on the Billboard charts and achieved significant success internationally, hitting number 1 in both Australia and Switzerland. “Breaking Hearts” includes notable tracks such as “Sad...
  20. Pete

    June 15, 1984: John Waite Released His 2nd Solo Album “No Brakes”

    On this day, June 15, 1984, John Waite released his second solo album, “No Brakes.” The album reached number 10 on the Billboard charts.