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1980 saw the release of a number of games with influential concepts, including Pac-Man, Battlezone, Crazy Climber, Mystery House, Missile Command, Phoenix, Rally-X, Space Panic, Stratovox, Zork, Adventure, and Olympic Decathlon. The year's highest-grossing video game was Namco's arcade game Pac-Man, while the best-selling home system was Nintendo's Game & Watch. The Atari VCS (later called the Atari 2600) also grew in popularity with a port of Space Invaders and support from new third-party developer Activision.

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    Kate Bush - Army Dreamers - Official Music Video

    Official Music Video for the single "Army Dreamers" written and produced by Kate Bush. "Army Dreamers" was the third and final song to be released from Neve...
  2. Téléphone - Argent trop cher le Clip

    Téléphone - Argent trop cher le Clip

    Le clip d'argent trop cher du plus grand groupe de rock francais !! Liiiike !!
  3. Journey - Any Way You Want It (Official Video - 1980)

    Journey - Any Way You Want It (Official Video - 1980)

    "Any Way You Want It' by JourneyListen to Journey: https://journey.lnk.to/listenYDWatch more Journey videos: https://Journey.lnk.to/listenYD/youtubeSubscribe...