In 1980 the movie Friday the 13th premiered in theaters and the horror movie industry was changed forever. Who knew that this story would go on for decades and become a favorite for many. I’m pretty sure the people behind Friday the 13th didn’t. I want to What is the story behind Friday the 13th? What was it about? Well it all started with a woman named Pamela Sue and her son Jason, who would become the driving force of Friday the 13th. At the age of 15 Pamela met a man name Elias Voorhees and ended up getting pregnant by him. Not much was known about their romance, except that it was short lived. He ended up disappearing for good shortly after getting Pamela pregnant.


In the year of 1946 Friday the 13th at midnight Pamela gave birth to a boy whom she named Jason. He came into the world prematurely and was born with Hydrocephalus. It’s a condition in which the brain has an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Pamela ended up getting a job as a cook at a camp called Camp Crystal Lake which was located in New Jersey. Her son Jason lived with her at the camp. Jason was always being tormented and harassed about how he looked. It was never ending for him.

This one night in 1957 Jason was being teased by kids at the camp because he didn’t know how to swim. Well Jason in a fit of anger wanted to prove to the kids that he could swim, so he snuck out of his cabin at night to do just that. The story goes while Jason went into the lake to swim he ended up drowning. The two counselors that were in charge that night weren’t watching the kids and instead they were having sex. If they were doing their job Jason might not have drowned. Poor Pamela was obviously distraught about the death of her son Jason Voorhees. She was so devastated that she started to hear voices from Jason telling her to kill those responsible for his death, and one day in 1957 she did just that. She killed all of the counselors working at Camp Crystal Lake except for Alice Hardy. Pamela chased Alice and had her cornered. Right before Pamela was going to try and kill Alice she told her why she was doing this. They were all responsible and had to pay. Alice was able to get away but eventually Pamela got to her once again. Pamela chased Alice and in their final confrontation Alice was able to save her life by decapitating Pamela. That was how Friday the 13th started.


Now there’s two theories about the death of Jason Voorhees. The first one is that he never did drown and instead ran off into the woods. He lived as a hermit and survived alone by eating plants and whatever else he could scavage. The second theory is that Jason Voorhees did indeed drown that night and came back to life to avenge his mother’s death. I don’t know which one of the two is true, but I’m going with the second theory. Which one of the two do you believe was the reason?