Step Back in Time at Zagreb's 80's Museum


For those longing for the days of big hair, neon clothes, and analog gaming, Zagreb has a delightfully retro treat.

The city's Zagreb 80's Museum offers visitors a totally tubular trip back in time to the 1980s. This innovative exhibition lets you dive headfirst into a radical decade in Yugoslavia's history through an interactive, hands-on experience.

Housed in a vintage building in Zagreb's scenic Upper Town, the museum occupies the first floor, surrounded by the city's top sights. Upon entering, you'll be transported back to the 80s, with each room decked out in groovy period designs. Get ready to soak in the nostalgia and learn about the trends, toys, tech, and way of life of this bodacious era.

The museum's retro apartments contain over 200 "artifacts" from the 80s just waiting to be explored. Through interactive engagement, the exhibits reveal the stories and cultural context behind each object. It's a totally gnarly, new way to dive into the past!

Welcome (Back) To The 80s

The museum's radical exhibit spreads across six rooms, each with a gnarly 80s design. Every nook and cranny is filled with tubular artifacts, numbering over 200 in total.

Visitors can take a trip back in time when entering the 80s-style apartment filled with the decade's iconic decor. In the gaming room, you'll find righteously retro consoles like the Atari and Commodore 64 to relive your high-score glory days.

One room contains the ultimate 80s playroom with classic toys and games from the Yugoslavian toy company Mehanotehnika. Kids and adult kids can play with epic Transformers figures, My Little Pony dolls, Lego sets, and more!

For pop culture buffs, there are rooms decked out in glorious 80s fashion with neon windbreakers, bold patterns, big hair wigs, and shades to try on.

Perhaps the hidden gem of the museum is its way of telling the fascinating story of 80s Yugoslavian life and culture. One standout is a mini old-timer Zastava 750 microcar, a nostalgic symbol of Yugoslavian auto manufacturing. Visitors can even sit inside the car for an excellent photo op!

Beyond exhibits, the museum has an expansive gift shop with exclusive 1980s-style merch. Visitors can grab unique souvenirs like vintage calendars, mini car models, local wines, and more. You never know what you might find!
Bringing the Decade to All Generations

Zagreb 80’s Museum makes time travel affordable with ticket options to suit all budgets.

Visitors can buy tickets on-site with rates at 40 Kn (about $5.50 USD) for adults, 30 Kn for seniors and students with ID, and 25 Kn for kids aged 3-13. Little 80s fans under 3 can explore the museum for free! For families, a bargain bundle deal is available at 90 Kn for 2 adults and 1 child.

Zagreb 80’s Museum provides a unique retro-vibe venue for photo shoots, video production, promotions, and other private events.

With its time warp experience, Zagreb 80’s Museum is a must-do for anyone craving 1980s nostalgia. Visitors of all ages can enjoy this interactive cultural attraction and capture colorful photos. It’s a totally fresh, hands-on way to explore slightly recent history!

Learn More About Visiting Zagreb 80's Museum:

● Website:
● Address:
○ 34 Radiceva Street, 1st Floor
○ 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
● Hours:
○ Monday - Sunday 10AM - 10PM

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