Eighties teens movies, we’ve all seen them, but what makes them so different ? How is it that in the year 2023 you can turn on an 80s film and still experience every emotion from laughing to crying, just like you did the very first time you watched it? Why have these 80s teen movies stood the test of time.


Could it have been the actors that played them? Was there some thing about the “brat pack” that teens just resonated with? For instance Molly Ringwald selling her panties in Sixteen Candles or Julie ultimately choosing Nicholas cage, a guy her friends didn’t approve of, in Valley Girl. These are things we learned on screen not from our parents. Could that have been the attraction for our former teen selves ?

Perhaps it was that back in the 80s we weren’t as desensitized to personal experiences and information overload . Today you can head over to YouTube and watch hundreds of videos about some content creators personal heartbreak, love advice or plain opinion on the subject . Is that the reason movies today don’t have the same raw edge the 80s teen movies displayed? We just have too much unfiltered substance available ?

Whatever the reason one can’t argue that these movies left their mark. Maybe it was a right of passage. Our coming of age. Or the celebration of freaks geeks cliques and chics. However you justify it the 80s teen movies are here to stay!
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