Sixteen Candles (1984)


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Title: Sixteen Candles

Genre: Comedy,Romance

Director: John Hughes

Cast: Molly Ringwald,Justin Henry,Michael Schoeffling,Haviland Morris,Gedde Watanabe,Anthony Michael Hall,Paul Dooley,Carlin Glynn,Blanche Baker,Edward Andrews,Billie Bird,Carole Cook,Max Showalter,Liane Curtis,John Cusack,Darren Harris,Debbie Pollack,Ross Berkson,Jonathan Chapin,Joan Cusack,Brian Doyle-Murray,Bekka Eaton,Pamela Elser,Steven Farber,Jami Gertz,John Kapelos,Marge Kotlisky,Tony Longo,Steve Monarque,Bill Orsi,Beth Ringwald,Zelda Rubinstein,Dennis Vero,Elaine Wilkes,Frank Howard,Cinnamon Idles,Agnes Belushi,Andy Hirsch,James Huffman,Liz Kern,Stephan Meyers,Erika Pearson,Adam Rifkin,Jennifer Scott,James Vallo,Robert Minkoff,Sven Granlund

Release: 1984-05-04

Runtime: 93

Plot: A teenage girl deals with her parents forgetting her birthday and a crush on her high school's heartthrob.

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Sixteen Candles is probably one of my favorite 80s teen movie and my favorite one with Molly Greenwald. It was real funny. The scenes with the foreign exchange student from China or Japan were hilarious. My favorite line was “ whatsa happening hota stuff” lol. The whole movie was great.
I thought it was pretty good even though I don't like school movies was pretty funny gave it a 3...
Really...? No way...why? I liked the ensemble cast best I think haha...must because I like most anything with Emilio Estevez in it haha...

Emilio Estevez is great but the whole story line and how each one of them has their own issues just made me lose interest. I don’t know but I just can’t get into that one.