Pretty in Pink (1986)


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Title: Pretty in Pink

Genre: Comedy,Romance,Drama

Director: Howard Deutch

Cast: Molly Ringwald,Harry Dean Stanton,Jon Cryer,Annie Potts,James Spader,Andrew McCarthy,Jim Haynie,Alexa Kenin,Kate Vernon,Andrew Dice Clay,Emily Longstreth,Jamie Anders,Margaret Colin,Gina Gershon,Bader Howar,Christian Jacobs,Audre Johnston,Kristy Swanson,Dweezil Zappa,Maggie Roswell,Karen E. Laine,Melanie Manos,Kimberly L. Ryusaki,Richard Patrick,James Huffman,William Winckler

Release: 1986-02-28

Runtime: 97

Plot: Andie is an outcast, hanging out either with her older boss, who owns the record store where she works, or her quirky high school classmate Duckie, who has a crush on her. When one of the rich and popular kids at school, Blane, asks Andie out, it seems too good to be true. As Andie starts falling for Blane, she begins to realize that dating someone from a different social sphere is not easy.

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Movies like Pretty In Pink are what made 80s films so popular and different. Not my favorite with Molly Greenwald but it was a pretty good teen movie.