A Passage to India (1984)


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Title: A Passage to India

Genre: Drama,Adventure,History

Director: David Lean

Cast: Judy Davis,Victor Banerjee,Peggy Ashcroft,James Fox,Alec Guinness,Nigel Havers,Richard Wilson,Antonia Pemberton,Michael Culver,Art Malik,Saeed Jaffrey,Clive Swift,Ann Firbank,Roshan Seth,Sandra Hotz,Rashid Karapiet,H.S. Krishnamurthy,Ishaq Bux,Moti Makan,Mohammed Ashiq,Phyllis Bose,Sally Kinghorn,Paul Anil,Z.H. Khan,Ashok Mandanna,Dina Pathak,Adam Blackwood,Mellan Mitchell,Peter Hughes,Yash Agnihotri,Duncan Preston,Richard Winter-Stanbridge

Release: 1984-12-14

Runtime: 163

Plot: Set during the period of growing influence of the Indian independence movement in the British Raj, the story begins with the arrival in India of a British woman, Miss Adela Quested, who is joining her fiancé, a city magistrate named Ronny Heaslop. She and Ronny's mother, Mrs. Moore, befriend an Indian doctor, Aziz H. Ahmed.

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I'm pretty sure that I saw this movie a few years ago. I don't remember much about it so I probably didn't think it was good.