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A hall, wall, or walk of fame is a list of individuals, achievements, or other entities, usually chosen by a group of electors, to mark their excellence or fame in their field. In some cases, these halls of fame consist of actual halls or museums that enshrine the honorees with sculptures, plaques, and displays of memorabilia and general information regarding the inducted recipients. Sometimes, the honorees' plaques may instead be posted on a wall (hence a "wall of fame") or inscribed on a sidewalk (as in a "walk of fame", "walk of stars", or "avenue of fame"). In other cases, the hall of fame is more figurative and consists of a list of names of noteworthy people and their achievements and contributions. The lists are maintained by an organization or community, and may be national, state, local, or private.

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  1. Pete

    Today May 22, 1987, Dana Dane’s Debut Album Dane Dane with Fame was Released

    On this day May 22, 1987, the debut album "Dane Dane with Fame" by Dana Dane was released. While it reached #46 on the Billboard Charts, it climbed to the #2 spot on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts.
  2. Pete

    Today May 18, 1987: Final Episode of 'Fame' TV Series Airs After 6 Seasons

    On this day May 18, 1987, the last episode of the 'Fame' TV series aired, concluding its six-season run which spanned 136 episodes. Fun Fact: Madonna auditioned as a dancer for 'Fame,' but regrettably, she didn't make the cut.
  3. Pete

    Released Today May 16, 1980 the Movie 'Fame'

    On this day May 16, 1980, the film "Fame" was released, directed by Alan Parker and starring Irene Cara, Barry Miller, Lee Curreri, and Gene Anthony Ray. Produced with a budget of $8.5 million, it went on to earn $42 million at the box office. Here's a fun fact. Originally titled "Hot Lunch,"...
  4. Fame (1982)

    Title: Fame Genre: Drama Creator: Christopher Gore Cast: Debbie Allen,Gene Anthony Ray,Carlo Imperato,Nia Peeples,Jesse Borrego,Billy Hufsey,Ann Nelson,Carrie Hamilton,Eric Pierpoint,Albert Hague,Michael Cerveris,Loretta Chandler,Graham Jarvis,Elisa Heinsohn First aired: Jan 6, 1982...
  5. Irene Cara - Fame (Official Music Video)

    Irene Cara - Fame (Official Music Video)