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The 80s was a decade that ran from January 1, AD 80, to December 31, AD 89.
As the decade began, the Parthian Empire was in a phase of division until Pacorus II managed to consolidate his rule, eliminating the two rival contenders for his throne: Vologases II in AD 80 and Artabanus III in AD 81. Domitian became Roman emperor in AD 81: The military campaigns undertaken during his reign were generally defensive in nature, as the Emperor rejected the idea of expansionist warfare. His most significant military contribution was the development of the Limes Germanicus, which encompassed a vast network of roads, forts and watchtowers constructed along the Rhine river to defend the Empire. Nevertheless, several important wars were fought in Gaul, against the Chatti, and across the Danube frontier against the Suebi, the Sarmatians, and the Dacians (see Domitian's Dacian War). In northern Britain, the Romans defeated local tribes in the Battle of Mons Graupius (AD 83). In China, the Han–Xiongnu War continued, with the Battle of the Altai Mountains (AD 89) bringing the Northern Xiongnu to the brink of collapse. The death of Emperor Zhang of Han ended a golden age.
In spring of AD 80, a fire broke out in Rome and burned large parts of the city for three days and three nights. Although the extent of the damage was not as disastrous as during the Great Fire of 64 and crucially spared the many districts of insulae, Cassius Dio records a long list of important public buildings that were destroyed, including Agrippa's Pantheon, the Temple of Jupiter, the Diribitorium, parts of the Theatre of Pompey, and the Saepta Julia among others. Emperor Titus personally compensated for the damaged regions. According to Suetonius, a plague also broke out during the fire. The nature of the disease, however, and the death toll are unknown.
Having been under construction since AD 70–72, the Colosseum was finally completed in AD 80, and its inaugural games were held that same year. Also in AD 80, the Eifel Aqueduct and Stadium of Domitian were constructed. Literary works that were composed around this time include Punica (a Latin epic poem themed around the Second Punic War), Thebaid (which recounts the clash of two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, over the throne of the Greek city of Thebes) and the Gospel of Matthew (the first book of the New Testament of the Bible).

Manning (2008) tentatively estimates the world population in AD 80 to have been 250 million.

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  1. Pete

    Today during the 80s in the month of January.

    January 1st Movies 1982 MadMan was released. 1985 Rockin' Road Trip was released. Television 1982 Headline News was launched. 1985 VH1 (Video Hits One) and WWF Prime Time Wrestling premiered. Music The Stranglers 7th album Feline was released. 1986 Riders in the Sky 6th album New Trails...
  2. Pete

    Little Ricky is Traumatized for Life Commercial

    This commercial deserves a thread of its own lol. I would've been traumatized too.
  3. Pete

    Today on November 13th 1982 the Vietnam Memorial was Dedicated

    Today on November 13 1984 the Vietnam Memorial was dedicated for those that fell fighting that war. It's estimated that over 58,000 American troops died and around 304,000 were wounded in battle. Do any of you have or had a loved one that fought in the war? My father was drafted as soon as he...
  4. Pete

    Life for Black Americans during the 80s video

    If you're like me and love to know what was life like for different countries and people during the 80s than here is a good video. An 80s video documentary on how the 80s were like for black Americans.
  5. Pete

    Today during the 80s in the month of November

    November 1 Music 1980 Slade's compilation album Slade Smashes! was released. 1982 Night Ranger's debut album Dawn Patrol was released. 1984 Pat Benatar's 5th album Tropico and Cocteau Twins 3rd album Treasures were released. 1985 Simply Red's single Holding Back the Years was released. 1986...
  6. Pete

    Today October 23rd 1982 the Miracle Valley Shootout

    The Miracle Valley shootout was a confrontation between members of the Christ Miracle Healing Center and Church (CMHCC) and Cochise County law enforcement that occurred in Miracle Valley, Arizona, on October 23, 1982. A variety of incidents with law enforcement in 1982 culminated when a large...
  7. Pete

    Today on October 17th the 6.9 Loma Prieta Earthquake Struck San Francisco

    Today on October 17th the Loma Prieta earthquake struck San Francisc, California. The earthquake was measured at 6.9 on the rector scale.
  8. Pete

    New York in 1987 Video

    Here’s a nostalgic video particularly for those who lived in New York during the 80s. I was 11 years old in 1987. Great video.
  9. Pete

    Today on October 2nd 1980 Muhammad Ali fought Larry Holmes

    today on October 2, 1980 Muhammad Ali came out of retirement to fight the heavyweight champion Larry Holmes. I guess Muhammad Ali didn’t like Larry Holmes, that much to come out of retirement just to fight him. This was a legendary fight, and here is a 5 minute clip of the fight.
  10. Pete

    The First female Sandra Day O'Connor Justice of the Supreme Court

    Today on September 15 1980 Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female Justice of the Supreme Court. The 80s really were a decade of change.
  11. B

    Decoding 80s Slang: From "Rad" to "Tubular"

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Decoding 80s Slang: From "Rad" to "Tubular". Please add to the discussion here.
  12. Pete

    Today during the 80s in the month of September

    Today during the 80s in the month of September. September 1st 1980 The Shadows’ Change of Address and Supertramp‘s Paris (live) albums were released. 1981 Hall & Oates‘ Private Eyes album was released. 1982 Cocteau Twins‘ Garland album was released. 1983 Tom Waits‘ Swordfishtrombones album...
  13. Pete

    Today August 31 1988 Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 Crashes

    Today on August 31 1988 Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 crashes during take off killing 14 people and injuring 76. Thankfully more people didn’t die. The plane was a Boeing 727-200 series. From Wikipedia: At 08:30, Flight 1141 departed from the gate at DFW and was cleared by the ground controller...
  14. Pete

    Typical things found inside an 80s home

    So you lived and grew up during the 80s. Consider yourself lucky that you got to experience the greatest decade ever. I‘m sure that just like me from time to time you’ll see something and think yourself holy cow I remember that! Right? It’s happened to all of us. It’s an awesome feeling to...
  15. Pete

    Eruption of Mount St. Helens May 18 1980

    On May 18 1980 the volcano known as St. Helen’s in Skamania County, Washington. That day around 57 people lost their lives. The eruption, which had a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 5, was the most significant to occur in the contiguous United States since the much smaller 1915 eruption of Lassen...
  16. Pete

    Old 80s Decade Ads

    This section will be dedicated to old 80s ads. I’ll start off the thread with this one. Imagine how far we’ve come. A 10mb PC priced at roughly $6,000 dollars!
  17. Pete

    How many batteries for his boombox?

    I’m going with 8 C batteries. How many do you think he needed?
  18. Pete

    Today during the 80s in the month of July

    July 1st 1980 John Anderson‘s self debut album John Anderson was released. 1981 SOB premiered in theaters. 1983 Manowar’s Into Glory Ride album was released. Stroker Ace premiered in theaters. 1984 Loudness’ Disillusion album was released. 1985 Clan of Xymox‘s self debut album Clan of Xymox...
  19. Pete

    The 80s decade

    The eighties decade was a special time. Events that happened during that decade helped influenced us till this day. Sure it's safe to say that every decade has and will continue to do that but since this is an 80s community it's only natural that we focus on it. Aids = In 1981 Aids was made...