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  1. Pete

    Fact of the day thread

    Today's fact. According to a 2015 study, having 10 more trees on your block can make you feel as healthy as someone who's seven years younger.
  2. Pete

    Flashback to the 31st Grammy Awards On This Day: A Night of Musical Excellence

    On this day February 22, 1989, the 31st Annual Grammy Awards were broadcasted on CBS, with Billy Crystal as the host. Among the notable moments of the night, "Don't Worry Be Happy" claimed the prestigious Song of the Year award.
  3. Pete

    Remembering the Miracle: The Day the US Hockey Team Stunned the World On this Day

    On this day February 22, the US Hockey Team achieved an astonishing victory over the heavily favored Soviet Union. Al Michaels delivered his famous line, "Do you believe in miracles?" commemorating this historic moment.
  4. Pete

    Throwback Thursday for the Week of of February 22 2024

    Hey 80s aficionados! 🎉 Let's kick off this Throwback Thursday with a shoutout to the iconic film 'Mac and Me' 🍿👽 Share your thoughts, favorite scenes, and why this movie holds a special place in your heart. Obviously if you're a fan of it. For me it reminds me of my younger brother and not...
  5. Pete

    On This Day in 80s Cinema: 'Into the Night' Lights Up the Screen

    On this day February 22, 1985, "Into the Night," directed by John Landis and starring Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer, hit theaters. The film's budget remains undisclosed, but it grossed $7.5 million at the box office.
  6. Pete

    Quake Minus One

    Quake Minus One sounds interesting. How many of you remember it?
  7. Pete

    Jesse Hawkes (1989)

    Do any of you remember this 80s tv show?
  8. Jesse Hawkes (1989)

    Title: Jesse Hawkes Cast: Robert Conrad First aired: Apr 21, 1989 Last air date: May 26, 1989 Overview: Jesse Hawkes is an American action television series that aired from April 22 until May 27, 1989. The series is a spin-off of High Mountain Rangers.
  9. Pete

    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1980)

    Any fans of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark's debut album? I like the song Electricity off it.
  10. Pete

    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1980)

    Title: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Artist: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Genre: Synthpop Released: 1980 Tracks: 1 - Bunker Soldiers - 2:53 2 - Almost - 3:44 3 - Mystereality - 2:45 4 - Electricity - 3:39 5 - The Messerschmitt Twins - 5:41 6 - Messages - 4:12 7 - Julia's...
  11. Pete

    Into the Night (1985)

    Into the Night was a classic! How many of you remember this movie?
  12. Into the Night (1985)

    Title: Into the Night Tagline: A dangerous romance Genre: Thriller,Comedy Director: John Landis Cast: Jeff Goldblum,Michelle Pfeiffer,Carmen Argenziano,Stacey Pickren,Dan Aykroyd,David Cronenberg,John Landis,Dedee Pfeiffer,Kathryn Harrold,Rick Baker,Paul Mazursky,Jim Henson,David...
  13. Pete

    Today during the 80s in the month of February

    February 22nd Movies 1985 Brazil and Into the Night were released. Television No 80s television shows were released on this day. Music 1980 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark's debut album Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Toya's LP Sheep Farming in Barnet were released. 1983 Styx's...
  14. Pete

    Rocking Through History: Ozzy Osbourne's 'The Ultimate Sin' Turns 37 Today

    On this day February 22, 1986, Ozzy Osbourne released his fourth album, "The Ultimate Sin," which peaked at number 6 on the Billboard charts. 🎸🎶
  15. Pete

    Celebrating Styx's 'Kilroy Was Here' Album Anniversary

    On this day February 22, 1983, Styx released their 11th album, "Kilroy Was Here," which reached number 3 on the Billboard charts. This iconic album features the hit single "Mr. Roboto.
  16. Pete

    Hip Hop 80s Wednesday for the Week of February 21 2024

    It's HipHop 80s Wednesday, and I'm giving props to one of the OG queens of rap, MC Lyte, and her iconic album Lyte As a Rock. 🙌 Let's dive into the beats, the rhymes, and the impact of this legendary record. Drop your thoughts, favorite lyrics, and why this album still rocks your world today!
  17. Pete

    R.I.P. Carl Weathers

    It's a weird feeling because we grew up around all of them and then when they're no more it hits you.
  18. Pete

    Fact of the day thread

    Today's fact. Mike Tyson would KO sparring partners quickly so he could get home in time to watch Tom & Jerry. I can't say I blame him. I mean it's Tom & Jerry that we're talking about here.
  19. Pete

    On This Day: February 21, 1986 - Nintendo Releases The Legend of Zelda in Japan

    The Legend of Zelda is an iconic action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo. Its release in Japan on February 21, 1986, marked the beginning of a legendary franchise that has captivated gamers worldwide for decades. The game introduced players to the protagonist, Link, on...
  20. Pete

    On This Day: February 21, 1986 - '9 1/2 Weeks' Premieres

    On this day February 21, 1986, the film "9 1/2 Weeks," directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, premiered. The film had a budget of $17 million and went on to gross $100 million at the box office.