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  1. What kind of gaming consoles do you have. I still have my ColeCovision, Atari with the steering wheel for Turbo. I also have my origins NES system, Nintendo 64 and every Sega Genesis system. I own every PlayStation and have an Xbox 360 that I rarely ever used.
  2. I remember watching this show too. I also remember when the show would end it was followed by a quick Church scene.
  3. My wife is lucky. I don’t like watching football.
  4. My favorite is to rest the edge of the cap against the edge of flat solid and smack the bottle down. Great option if you have no other means.
  5. Now that is funny. I remember that doll and the commercial as well. Those dolls were hot on the market at the time.
  6. Nintendo for me was the best thing that came out in that decade. It really changed the definition of game play.
  7. This was a fun game and not easy to complete. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again many games from the 80a were complicated to beat.
  8. Took me back in time with this video. You really did.
  9. My go to sure method is to rest the edge of the cap of the beer bottle against a solid object and hit the top of the bottle with force. That usually does the trick.
  10. This game was nothing but addicting fun. One of those games I wish I still owned.
  11. Probably one of the most annoying songs I ever heard.
  12. I sure do remember that and I watched the miniseries too. That is no joke. Everything there will always be contaminated and it’s effects felt near by too. All because of human negligence.
  13. I was never able to get my slinky come down the stairs like it showed in the commercial.
  14. Haha great movie! It was pretty scary I remember. What’s her name from Happy Days got it pretty bad in that scene. What a way to go.
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