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  1. I'm not sure this will be your cup of tea, I know you love horror movies and I'm betting action adventure, this will likely be a bit slow moving and sappy for your taste, I could be wrong, but it's a wonderful movie. Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time, good lord, I hated it, thought it was absurd and a waste of my time and money. So no accounting for taste. Do let me know how you like it if you watch it. I make a small edit to this, taking inflation into consideration, Gone With the Wind is still the top grossing movie of all time, but I meant a current movie.
  2. Cans and bottles would be in the blue boxes, but I've recently stopped recycling for a few different reasons even though I have for over 30 years. I've seen several vids on Youtube about how people think it helps, but it really doesn't. The resources used to transport the stuff there, then much of it is unwashed, considered contaminated and thrown out anyway, and plastic can apparently only be recycled a couple of times and then is too weak to do it and then tossed. Hauling the heavy boxes to the curb, risking falling, and for what? It to be tossed out for the most part anyway? I feel like a f
  3. I'm not a fan of body hair on anyone. I like the "swimmers look" where the men are smooth like seals. My preference would be no hair from the eyes down. Scalp, eyebrows, lashes, that it for either sex. There's a whole movement going on now with women embracing their body hair, it's just gross. Shave, you lazy, unkempt, lazy bitches is my opinion!
  4. One of my favorite movies of all time. I had a real thing for Christopher Reeve when he played Superman and this came out two years later. This movie has become a cult classic. It was so underrated when it came out and did not do great at the box office, but has garnered quite a following in the decades since. A time travel romance with an exquisite, haunting score by John Barry, and beautiful Jane Seymour filmed at a gorgeous hotel. I cannot watch this and not cry. It's a beautiful, gentle movie that romantics and ones that are sentimental will dearly appreciate. To this day fans gather at t
  5. One of my favorite 80's movies. The acting is not the greatest, but the story, the film score and the cinematography is beautiful. They were both so young and perfect looking. I've seen it countless times and am always enchanted by the simple tale.
  6. Cabbage Patch Dolls. I was too old for these when they came out, but I sure remember the craze around them. I recall one weekend my mom and my great aunt and I went to Buffalo for the weekend to do Christmas shopping and we went into this store, and this was at the height of the doll craze and they had gotten a shipment of these dolls in and they were placed in a pyramid at the front of the store and these women attacked that pile like animals, I'll never forget it, it was a site to behold. Disgraceful behavior by adults over some dolls for their brats.
  7. Many European women don't shave. My mom's bosses were from Belgium and Holland and they didn't shave. She was always disgusted in the summer when the one would wear sleeveless tops and her armpit hair was showing, and the unshaved legs. Gross.
  8. If we had nice bins on wheels they would be stolen, 100%. No garage or fence to lock them behind. We've had everything from bags of topsoil to garbage bags stolen that were right up by the door. Imagine stealing someone's garbage! Many years ago we took down some 45 year old curtains from a bay window, they were bulky and with the sheers and the curtains filled up 5 garbage bags. I put them outside to get them out of the house, and a couple of days later, they were gone. Hope they enjoyed the sun bleached and in tatters decades old curtains they found. I guess they figure there might be someth
  9. Taking the garbage out is a major hassle here. We live on a hill, and I live upstairs, so all of my garbage and dirty cat litter has to be dragged down 16 stairs in the house, dragged another 50 ft outside and rolled down a hill to the curb. My mom and I and the cats produce a ton of garbage and every week have 7 bags minimum. It's only once a week here and has to be out by 7 am, so if you miss it, it rolls over to the next week. I'm seldom up then unless I haven't gone to bed yet, so may miss 1-2 weeks. This coming week I will have to haul out nearly 25 bags since I've been cleaning one room
  10. Yeah.....ok, sure. I never thought she was any raving beauty by any means. So blessed with good looks? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure. Good surgeon is more accurate.
  11. That's why I love forums, to make others feel inadequate, lololol. (Just kidding!) I'm a few years older than you, so remember a bit better since I was older.
  12. Yes, it was a cute movie back in the day. Can't stand Madonna for several decades now, but it was a good flick.
  13. She has hairy armpits! I thought of adding this song myself.
  14. I don't think there's a set age for that kind of transition. Old ain't what it used to be! Some people seem old when they are in their thirties, others seem young when they are in their sixties. Look at this pic, I made a combo pic so you can see. These women were both the same age when their pics were taken. Rue McClanahan from The Golden Girls, and Jennifer Lopez. Both were 51 when their pics were taken. Rue was 51 when she began playing Blanche Deveraux on the hit series The Golden Girls. 51 looked quite different a few decades ago than it does now. Granted, all current 51 year olds do
  15. Another popular Aaron Spelling show from the 80's, this one set at a hotel. Like The Love Boat, this show would feature different guest stars each week, often names that had been big at one time that were now well past their prime, and feature three storylines per episode like Love Boat did. I'd be interested to rewatch this series, but have not found it online. The premise is really well set up for big name guest stars to come and go, because ones stays at a hotel are usually fairly short, like The Love Boat, a cruise is only for a few days, so they would come and go naturally. Aaron Spelling
  16. In syndication, yes, you'd think more stations would. I don't even own a t.v. and haven't in nearly 10 years, everything I watch is online. You can find more online it seems. Since I pay for internet, the cable company and internet service provider grant you log ins to the stations online of the shows, so I can see everything there I need to. So I watch my soaps online, and the couple of current prime time shows I watch, and everything else is elsewhere like Youtube or pirate sites. I haven't seen that show listed anywhere online though, but a detective show isn't really something I'd rewatch
  17. He's a strange looking man for sure. I always found it ironic his last name is Bacon, since he has a pig like look to him.
  18. I'm sure everyone will guess this one, "It was nothing like that, penis breath!"
  19. My, tell us how you really feel! Well, sorry to break it to you, but I LOVE this movie! Also the soundtrack is fantastic, so many hits. I can recall seeing this when it came out in the summer at the drive in with my mom. I've seen it many, many times. Christopher (The Blue Lagoon) Atkins auditioned for the lead in this. He was a good looking guy, but he's a pretty bad actor in all honesty. It likely would have bombed if he'd been given the Kevin Bacon role.
  20. Yes, I saw it once decades ago.
  21. Yes, it was "an old people's show." My grandmother never missed an episode, she also never missed "Matlock."
  22. You were just too young! It was on '81-'89 on CBS and was a big hit! The leads played brothers that were quite opposite in personalities that ran a detective agency. My grandmother was a huge fan of many detective shows, so we watched a ton of them.
  23. I certainly do still watch Days, I also watch The Bold & The Beautiful and The Young & The Restless as well. Soaps are my most favorite form of entertainment, I could easily do without prime time and movies, as they are mostly garbage to me for the last few decades with a few exceptions. If you are a soap fan, there's a website that's come along put out by an American t.v. station, and they air and have available on the website many years worth of an old soap called The Doctors. Someone at the forum SoapCentral.com mentioned it. I immediately signed up and have been loving watching it
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