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  1. I've seen this wonderful movie many, many times and had the soundtrack album, still do. Such a great David Foster soundtrack to this. The theme to this was so popular when it came out. Like I think Brooke Shields was the most beautiful female teen ever, I think Rob Lowe was the most beautiful male teen ever. God, he was perfect looking.
  2. Tracey Ullman the comedienne had a one hit wonder with They Don't Know. A catchy little tune.
  3. Now this was one hot movie. Thank God for pay t.v., since it was restricted here, but I got to see it a few months later when it came on there. Mickey Rourke was so beyond sexy in this movie, it's hard to believe he ended up like he has. It affected my young, 14 year old, impressionable mind, lol.
  4. This maudlin movie again has me thinking more about my mom's reaction to it than the actual movie. I recall we went on a Sunday afternoon matinee and there were not many people there, only a handful of women. This movie is supposed to be a tearjerker, since the little girl that's the center of the movie only has six weeks to live. Now you wouldn't think that sort of movie is the type one would be laughing at, but you don't know my mom, lol! It was sappy beyond belief, and when the child tells her mother she wants her to donate her ballet slippers to the poor after she dies, my mom lost it. Ima
  5. I remember this ridiculous horror movie in the mid 80's more due to my mom's reaction to it than the actual movie. My best friend and my mom and I all went to go see it, and it was a packed theater. My friend and I were a bit, more than a bit, embarrassed at how my mom kept laughing during this movie and drawing attention to us she thought it was so absurd. The scene with the guy tying up the toilet had her in hysterics for some reason.
  6. I loved this movie as a kid, I saw it several times at the movies and had the cassette tape soundtrack. It's a fun musical with lots of great songs. I was lucky enough a few years ago to see the production of it in Toronto where Miss Hannigan was played by Lesley Nicol, the cook Mrs. Patmore in the wonderful series, Downton Abbey.
  7. Oh I recall when that was found and the big news it was. No one really believed it had broken in tow until they found it, although survivors had said it did. There was a silly 1980 movie called Raise the Titanic, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raise_the_Titanic_(film) where it was raised in one piece in the end.
  8. Are you serious? They are sending letters to people many years after they closed for old debts? I don't think they will have much luck with most.
  9. Oh yes, Rhoda's mother from the Mary Tyler Moore show and Rhoda! Nancy Walker.
  10. I made a few of those for sure. One I gave to a guy, lord, I must have been nuts.
  11. I looked up a list of 80's commercials to refresh my memories and so many came back to me when I saw them listed, I picked the ones I recalled the best. The number one one that sticks in my mind I did not need to see on a list was the Fed/Ex guy, that one was huge.
  12. OMG, I seriously nearly added Stacey Q to that list a few hours ago, and I hate to say it, I liked that song!
  13. I was a member as well, but paid for things when I ordered them. I joined BMG as well, never did cash in all my free album coupons, and now they are gone.
  14. This pretty lady had many hits in the 80's. She was also well knows for her very long hair. She's also Loretta Lynn's sister.
  15. Several hits from this lady were very good.
  16. Lots of great songs from this lady. She had a powerful voice that could really belt it out. Loved her songs.
  17. Capitalizing on his huge successes on Family Ties and Back to the Future, Pepsi had Michael J. Fox doing anything to impress a beautiful neighbor looking for a can of it.
  18. I bet they paid Elton John a pretty penny for the use of his Sad Songs redux for the similar sounding Sasson Jeans.
  19. This catchy jingle had everyone asking who wears short shorts? And you'd better use Nair if you do!
  20. Nothing comes between Brooke and her Calvin's. The most beautiful teenager ever, God she was beyond stunning.
  21. They just don't make commercials with the same kind of pizzazz these days. Kelly LeBrock from The Lady in Red comedy, Weird Science did a popular series of commercials for Pantene hair products that had everyone saying, Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
  22. This commercial was also very popular in the 80's and had everyone asking, "Where's the Beef?"
  23. Who doesn't remember this popular Fed/Ex commercial with the fast talking guy!
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