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  1. Yes, love this one. Chilled monkey brains, anyone?
  2. I always think of something funny about this show that has nothing to do with the actual show but makes me laugh. Our cleaning lady we had at the time was an unattractive woman, and I always said she looked like the beast from this show. (I must sound like some mean bitch, lol) So one night the show was on, and I asked my grandfather if he thought she looked like the beast, and he was the most mild mannered, not a mean bone in his body type, and he took a good look at the screen, paused for a second and says, "I guess so." LOLOL. Oh the lunacy.....
  3. To this day I remember lines from that movie! The song finale is so good, "Stay out of the bedroom, baby if you can't take the heat!" "If your pants were any tighter, we could see your pulse." LOL.
  4. It's too bad DNA tests weren't discovered a lot sooner. I always felt bad for guys stuck paying for some kid they didn't father and there was no way to prove it. To say nothing of innocent people jailed for crimes they didn't commit. When I was rewatching Dynasty a couple of years ago, someone came to town and claimed to be a long lost child. The episode was from 1984, there was no way to prove who the actual father was. Seems incredible only a few decades ago this was not available. it's been such a life changing tool for paternity and crimes.
  5. A wonderfully charming movie about a business woman who is unexpectedly thrust into parenthood and her entire life changes overnight.
  6. This underrated comedy is a real charmer, with C. Thomas Howell, Kelly Preston and Lori Loughlin. There's lots of other well known 80's actors in at as well. A love letter gets into many wrong hands and chaos ensues for all that read it, thinking it was meant for them. I've seen this many times, it's such a cute movie.
  7. I can recall this one being sexual when guys at school were joking about "the other candy with the hole in the middle", lol.
  8. I think my mom and I were two of the only people alive that enjoyed this movie. We even went to see it more than once! It is funny, likable, and has a good soundtrack, thanks to Dolly.
  9. Well, nothing can be everyone's cup of tea. I certainly did not like Avatar whatsoever and would never waste my time watching any sequel of it.
  10. They wanted to keep them younger, the original actors would have been too old from the first to the last installments.
  11. Love the Vacation movies franchise, they are so familiar and comfortable to watch I've seen them all so many times. I used to think if only I could find a man like Clark Griswold, lol. He was a family man, did ok, good sense of humor, alright looking, goofy but loyal.
  12. This was a very popular show from 1987-1990. The romance, the sewers, the poetry, lol. It had it all!
  13. I liked this movie when I was a kid. I guess some films are more appealing to a child than as an adult, but it was cute at the time.
  14. That is a good movie, yes. The electronic bull riding looked fun. I would not last, I'd be injured, lol.
  15. I don't listen to the radio, so I've heard it when I watched the movie, around 12 times now, and when I've watched it on Youtube. Never against my will, lol.
  16. What a wonderful song to hear though!
  17. Ahh, yes, sometimes it's hard to find the right version of something.
  18. A charming movie with some great songs in it about a man that loves his wife so much, he reincarnates to come back to her. I've seen this several times and loved it each one.
  19. This is a charming movie, sort of like Back to the Future but with a female lead a little bit.
  20. One of my favorite movies. I've seen this countless times. Great music, great movie. The bios of the country music stars are certainly filled with drama it seems to make a lot of good movies about them.
  21. The video cuts off before it's done, you should get another version from another uploader.
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