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  1. He was always after the family cat, Lucky!
  2. I recently started re watching this and am very much enjoying it! Whenever I'm eating now, I put an episode on. I've seen a whole season this last week, lol.
  3. I'm not a fan of ultra violent movies, and this fits in that category, but many love the shoot 'em up flicks.
  4. Oh yes! Mousse, gel and Aqua Net to hold.
  5. I had to look this up, I can't believe this nonsense is even real. https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/03/09/pepe-le-pew/
  6. Oh she is married with two kids. Imagine the values she's imparting on them. So many things are unwatchable now because the actors are so outspoken. I really would rather not know how they feel about things and just be able to enjoy a performance without thinking what nut jobs they really are.
  7. I think a LOT of celebs are nut cases, we just don't know about it. They are for the most part very out of touch with reality and what most people are actually like and most would fit into a narcissist personality type. Look how many of them give their kids weird names, encourage this trans nonsense in their small children and celebrate it and homosexuality. Many slept their way to the top and would sell their own mother to the butcher for a starring role. Many of them are hardly the picture of mental health, yet the masses idolize them and hang on their every word, it's quite bizarre to me.
  8. Not many recall this one season long comedy western show from the early 80's. It had a very catchy theme song and starred a pre Silver Spoons Joel Higgins. They waited too long to renew it, and he took on Silver Spoons and they cancelled the show.
  9. I knew this. I've been to Monticello, it is beautiful. I pray the SJW's don't destroy it.
  10. I knew this as well. They do not allow any cartoons with talking animals. They treat animals so badly and cruelly there, they don't call them 'the cruel race' for nothing, that they do not want anyone attributing characteristics to them to make people think they have feelings, and if you see The Lady and the Tramp falling in love and sharing their spaghetti on their date, they might start to object to the dog meat eating festivals. Time travel movies for some reason are also banned. No Back to the Future for the Chinamen.
  11. This I knew. Pumpkins are North American, not European, so when the settlers came to North America, they carved them into the pumpkins. They'd have had a much easier time of it as well.
  12. I had one, yes. Two sides is all I could get. One time, by accident, I got four. No clue. I was working on the two sides and miraculously, four came into place, so I can't rightly claim I did it, since it was by accident. I am just not good at stuff like this. Men have more ability at these sorts of things than women do, they have better spatial abilities, just a fact.
  13. She had four adopted children, the two oldest were left not a penny. Some said the daughter not left anything wrote the book as revenge, but many of the things were likely true.
  14. Must have been Faye Dunaway you saw or a lookalike, since the real Joan Crawford died in 1977, before the book was even written and made into a movie.
  15. Well, I'm a few years older than you, I remember going to see it with my mom when I was around 12. We went to the movies once a week or more my whole childhood and teens until we got a VCR.
  16. This is a very funny comedy with beautiful scenery in it. A young woman falls for her best friend's father when the two families go for a vacation in Rio de Janerio and misunderstandings ensue.
  17. This cute teen comedy featured two of the early 80's biggest heartthrobs of the time, Scott Baio from Happy Days, and Willie Aames from Eight is Enough.
  18. I always enjoyed this much underrated film. It never seems to be mentioned much, but is a very good and entertaining movie I've enjoyed several times.
  19. The classic, campy tell all of Joan Crawford's daughter that had us all saying, "NO MORE WIRE HANGARS!!!!!!!!!" Faye Dunaway really did a great job in the over the top role. Life ain't easy for all celeb kids, apparently.
  20. One of my favorite 80's movies. I've seen it countless times. The sequel was not as good, but this one had it all.
  21. It wouldn't be coming near me with its food crumbs and lord knows what else! Yuck!
  22. Not a fan of facial or body hair on either sex. I like the "swimmer's look". Smooth like seal, lol.
  23. Yes, as my grandmother was big on any sort of detective shows, this was certainly another one she loved. He's not my type though.
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