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  1. Oh I loved my View Master! I had tons of the slide things. My mom would never get me an Easy Bake oven since she was afraid I'd burn myself on the light bulb, but I was using the real oven from around the age of eight, which seems insane compared to a toy, but always was interested in cooking. I had the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine and it worked poorly. You had to apply so much pressure to get the ice cubes to grind and it was all plastic except for the inside shaver part, it was a waste of time trying to use it.
  2. Didn't you ever hit them back? Give mom a right cross to the jaw, I doubt she'd touch you again!
  3. I've actually been listening to, or rather watching, Shaun Cassidy videos on Youtube. I had such a crush on him when I was a little girl, had 3 of his albums, and it was the first concert I ever went to, I was 7, with my mom and a friend. The 70's seems so innocent compared to now. Shaun certainly looks the most like his mother, Shirley Jones, than any of his brothers.
  4. Never seen it? Goodness. Well, I've never seen MASH, and it was popular, just didn't appeal to me personally. Many series I never watched one episode of until they came into syndication, and then I just adored them and could not get enough and watched every episode multiple times. Like Ally McBeal, Party of Five.
  5. Anyone recall this different series? It wasn't bad, but certainly different, with the lead playing different parts each week.
  6. I remember that show as well. Sunday afternoons, yup. Good, wholesome entertainment for kids.
  7. GI Joe would the only acceptable choice I can think of, lol. Just my opinion, others may differ. I had a firetruck, I was quite a fan of the 70's show Emergency and the handsome Randolph Mantooth, who played a paramedic and they rode a firetruck, we never missed that show, so my mom got me a firetruck as a toy and I did play with it, but was much more into my multitude of Barbie's. He kinda had a Keanu Reeves look, handsome guy back in the day.
  8. I remember it as well. Honestly, I thought it was creepy, like Chucky from the horror movies! Your dad was right, boys don't need dolls.
  9. It was ridiculous, but I've seen worse.
  10. I am SOOOOOOO glad there was no internet! I think Gen X is the last "normal generation" since we grew up without that and cell phones, (I've never owned one) and it was just fine. I feel bad for kids today, what a rotten world to grow up in now.
  11. And 16. I always would have my mom get me 16 and Tiger Beat and Teen Beat. They had Seventeen at the library of my high school, and I'd always read that one there. I had the inside of my locker decorated with pics from the pages of magazines. I usually got these as a pre teen though, not often once in my teens. More from when I was 7-12.
  12. There was a two part episode that was my favorite. It was showing back when Jonathon was human and his wife, played by soap opera actress Leann Hunley. She's on Days Of Our Lives and was on Dynasty. it's just a beautiful story, I cried when I watched it and even taped them on VHS since I wanted my mom to see it, it was just so special. They played Clair de Lune during these as well. Such a hopeless romantic I am.
  13. This creepy movie has Parker Stevenson moving into a house with a mind of its own. I think we'd all run from a house like this one. Everything from a shower that turns water into blood, to breathing brick fire places!
  14. I always loved this movie. Jane Seymour plays a woman that moves into a house and the ghost of the former owner falls in love with her and tries to seduce her.
  15. Oh yes, I recall when a t.v. movie of the week was a real event to look forward to. Many are on Youtube, I've watched many of them.
  16. There's Something About Amelia is a 1984 television film about psychological trauma caused in a family by a father's molestation of his daughter. The film stars Ted Danson, Glenn Close, Roxana Zal, and Missy Francis. It was the most-watched network television show in the United States for the week of January 9–15, 1984. I was 12 when this aired. I'd never heard about incest. How innocent the world was then compared to now. No internet, never heard of anyone that had this happening. I rewatched this last year on Youtube. A few years later when I was in high school, I knew a girl that
  17. Yes, I remember that one as well.
  18. They have them listed on ebay all the time, I thought of listing it, but it wasn't worth that much, around $30 or something. I donated the math one years ago, but still have the spell one in a bookcase beside me. Lord knows why!
  19. I had and still have, a VHS player. It was less expensive than a VCR, and we wanted it for a backup to watch things on. That thing is sturdy, much more so than a VCR, mine is a Citizen, great machine. I used it to edit tapes as well, play it in that and edit in the VCR. Haven't used it in years, but still have it. I had and still have, a Speak and Spell as well. Believe it or not, both of these items are within three feet of me, lol. Odd for things that haven't been used in many years, but true! I had the Speak and Math as well, I didn't like it, since I hated math, but my grandparents t
  20. That's hilarious you thought it was hairspray. You didn't stop to read the bottle? My grandmother told me once when she and her sister were teens they used Nair hair remover and it came in a tube, and they left it on the sink. They didn't think anything of it until their father asked about the new, strange tasting toothpaste! He'd grabbed the tube and brush his teeth with Nair! He hadn't even glanced at what it said on the tube. They had a good laugh over him brushing his teeth with hair remover.
  21. I'm not a fan either, not of DeNiro either. Never got their appeal.
  22. There was another product that was popular I did try and liked it. it was called Flirt, and it was a temporary color, it just added a tint to the hair, not very dramatic. I used the dark red and it gave a nice reddish brown to my brown hair. I used it before my grade 8 graduation and it looked nice, subtle, but just a bit fancier than plain. A few years later when I started to color my hair permanently, I went with red as well, and have been reddish since 17.
  23. OMG, and their hair looked orange! I remember when I was in grade 8 many girls used this and it looked awful, so unnatural.
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