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  1. You're likely right, or the men that watched it were mainly gay perhaps. When theaters used to be open over a year ago, I was quite a live theater fan and went to many shows and musicals, most of the audience is women, over three quarters for sure. Many men there are just husbands that were dragged along. In my experience, theater crowds are mostly women, and mostly over sixty years of age. I always felt so young when I went, since even being in my forties, most there, well over half, would be the senior set. I never understood why the audiences were so old and younger people weren't more acti
  2. Most celebrities and musicians are really horrible, degenerate people if you really research them. Most are not very intelligent, it's scary anyone would pay these fools any mind at all.
  3. Yup, it was an hour long drama. None of the cast really went on to do anything afterwards, even though they were talented. Only Debbie Allen had a decent career afterwards, one of them even became homeless and then died.
  4. I also wondered how one would wipe yourself or put in a tampon! Masturbating out of the question by hand, lol! How would you even put clothes on? I can't even imagine.
  5. It started as a movie and went on to become a popular t.v. series with many of the same actors as in the movie, including Debbie Allen. It was a good series with talented people in it. I saw in many years ago when a station aired it in the middle of the night every weeknight, I'd never watched it before when it was new.
  6. It started as a movie, but I far preferred the t.v. series it spawned.
  7. It wasn't until a few years ago that I became red pilled that I realized the lyrics to "Imagine" are basically the communist manifesto. Guess he'd love today's world, since the totalitarian world of his dreams is becoming a reality. https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/john-lennon-imagine-real-meaning-communism/
  8. I love long nails, but no clue how no breaks for her. I used to keep the tip as long as the base of the nail, but even then, too many breaks. I would not be able to do without nail glue and an acrylic patch kit I have used to save a cracked nail. Now I keep them around the tip half the length of the base. I wish I could keep them longer, but my nails just aren't strong enough to do so. I would never consider acrylic nails, they look great, but really destroy your natural nails underneath and I'd never pay the cost for them. I can recall once years ago a lady asking me how much it cost to
  9. Oh he was HUGE on there, starting in 1980 and through 1998, only a few appearances since. Several guys that had a few hits started on the soaps, like Rick Springfield (General Hospital), and Jack Wagner, (also General Hospital). Ronn Moss (from The Bold & The Beautiful) had a hit years before he started on there as part of the 70's group, Player. Remember the hit :"Baby Come Back", that was Player.
  10. He was huge on The Young & The Restless as Danny Romalotti, part of the supercouple Danny and Cricket, he had better songs than that one that were not as well known. I liked this one below. My mom always said she didn't like his "breathy voice."
  11. I remember it well, great song. I can't imagine having breasts that big, I couldn't handle it. I'd have gotten a reduction for sure. Mine are not big, lol.
  12. I remember it, terrible song. We didn't get MTV in Canada for many years after it debuted, but I recall reading that was the first video MTV ever played. The message is true. When you think of so many wonderful singers from the past, they would not have been considered attractive enough to be in music videos. Music became a visual medium, much to the detriment of the quality of music in general. The old saying, "Face for the radio." All of a sudden with the explosion of music videos, singers were also supposed to be able to dance, act to a degree, show coordinated moves and skills that really
  13. The only thing I recall much about this one was the song, The Glory of Love, by Peter Cetera. "Background. Cetera has said that he originally wrote and composed "Glory of Love" as the end title for the film Rocky IV (1985), but it was passed over by United Artists, instead ultimately being used as the theme for The Karate Kid Part II (1986)."
  14. Yup, that's it. I was practicing doing my own makeup at 4, I didn't need some creepy doll head!
  15. Oh I remember the Barbie head thing. I didn't have one, but I do recall it now that you mention it. I was always into makeup myself and wore it from a young age. Luckily my mom didn't have issue with it. Today it wouldn't seem that weird, but 40 yrs ago not too many 10 yr olds wore makeup, lol. I always looked older as a child, developed early. Kids today have multi colored hair which to me looks very strange and much worse than makeup.
  16. The Mega Stuff ones will kick the double stuff ones to the curb! Yes, I have some on hand. There can be too much of a good thing.
  17. Oh yes, love this and the sequel. Surprised anyone but a Canadian has seen it. Most Canadian t.v. and movies are crap, all we watch is American. This is a very good quality production though, loved it. My mom watched The Road to Avonlea series put on by the same people, but I haven't watched it, but she said it too is a wonderful quality series.
  18. I remember the day well. I was mad because I was watching an afterschool special and they broke into it for the coverage, so I never did get to see the ending of it. Can't recall which one it was. I also had a skating lesson that day I was going to go to after the afterschool special. I remember because I had already changed into my skating costume as I was watching the show on t.v. I was 9.
  19. Your body, your choice. Ladies choice as to whether they want a person who's done that to themselves.
  20. It's hard to find someone these days, male or female, with no ink. Hard to find. The circus freak look is popular. I am proud to say there's not a drop of ink on my fair skin, and only one hole in each earlobe. When I go out and see these skanky looking women covered in tats, I think they look so cheap and disgusting.
  21. I think men with earrings look ridiculous as well. Not a fan of tats at all, but earrings, ridiculous. Harrison Ford, not a sissy boy, wears one in each ear, looks so horrible.
  22. This is a wonderful movie. "If you build it, they will come." Kevin Costner, still gorgeous, did a rare thing in taking on two baseball movies in a row, he did Bull Durham and then did this movie right after. Very different movies, but both with baseball as a central theme. Odd trivia: I was actually friends with a woman who owned a local gift shop and she called the shop "A Field of Dreams." She was actually sued by Universal Pictures to stop using the name for her shop. They felt it was trademark infringement. She changed the name, and about a year later the shop went under. Yet there'
  23. I've never even watched a baseball game, but this is a good movie with a baseball background. Kevin Costner was gorgeous when he was young and in this. There's a line in this movie I've used many times when anyone around me has talked about athletes, "He's got a million dollar arm and a five cent head." I'd say that's true for the majority of sports guys.
  24. This is a very good movie. My mom became quite enchanted with the French male lead, so we watched this movie many times. It also has a beautiful soundtrack by renowned movie composer John Barry. The American woman visiting Paris falls for a French married man and they have an affair.
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